【Female only】 5 types of appetizers with sowing ♪ Choice of prefix course + 120 minutes All you can drink 3500 yen ★

3500 yen

120 minutes with unlimited drinks (30 minutes before LO)!

For ladies only, prefix course with main etc etc can be chosen with cute appetizers of 5 kinds of squares will be served 3500 yen ♪ with all you can drink


[There is an example of a day]

◆ Assorted appetizers 5 kinds (Caprese · Mussels steamed · Cheese · Homemade pickles · Jardan of vegetables)

◆ Pizza · pasta Meal to choose: Pizza Margherita or Tharaba Crab and Seri crustacean butter sauce Gnocchi

◆ Meat / fish Main available: Pork meat - Wasabi sauce - or Suzuki's Poire

◆ Desserts you can choose: Yuzu's Solve or Honey Panna cotta

※ The food content is also changed partly by season and purchase.Please feel free to contact us ♪

※ 120 minutes with all you can drink! (30 minutes before LO)